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2016-01-31 - 8:05 p.m.

Not much joy at this end.

Looking forward to getting away on holiday next week. Been trying (and failing) on the dating scene.

One lass, with kids, takes a week to reply to every message and at least the last time she was free didn't get in touch, so I've asked her if there's any point. Think I was perhaps just filling evenings for her.

Another had a PhD and we had lots in common in terms of TV programs etc. The evening seemed to go very well. She asked for my number, I didn't get hers. Then I went to kiss her as we parted. She was quite tentative. Of course she never contacted me again and indeed ignored the message I sent online. Nice.

Talking of nice, my workmate happened to discuss my non-success with ladies with LOI, her comment? Apparently it's because I'm 'too nice'. Brilliant! That little gem returns. What the fuck does it even mean? Which bit of my niceness should I remove and replace with arsehole? As this isn't the first time I've heard it I decided I might actually shed some light on it. So I've asked my ex, who is yet to acknowledge the message and one female friend, Riitta, who's always been on the edge of my thoughts for something more. She says, she needs to have a think and will get back to me.

One male friend is in a bad place. He split up with his long term and is very lonely. He's better and going to ask girls for their number than I am, and he's not been single for 8 years! He thinks I sit too much in my comfort zone and I'm never going to get anywhere unless I step out of it. I think he's right, but I'm not really sure how I can go about it. I need to think a little bit more about it whilst I'm away. Maybe put some practice in. At least in Greece, people should be a little more friendly than here.

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